Dear reader, I hope that you have learned about React now and have been able to understand the concepts and topics covered in this book. I have spent almost 1.5 years writing this book. During this time, things have changed constantly and often so drastically that I had to push back the release of this book a few times to avoid having outdated material in it.

Unfortunately, this meant that a few topics could not be explored in the same amount of detail that I would have liked. Some of these topics are not even necessarily part of React and I have thus decided to not push back the release of the book any further. One of these topics is optimizing build setups with Webpack. While I deem this topic very important, I think it would also have exploded the scope of this book. I have searched for similar books on this topic on Amazon and discovered that books with around 500 pages exist for this topic alone.

I have also only mentioned topics such as server-side rendering. Again, while I deem this topic very important, I have also learned that its usage and resulting benefits do not always outweigh the costs.

If you find any issues or mistakes in the book, please let me know and raise an issue on GitHub! Be it spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes or even mistakes in the content — I want this book to be as useful as possible to you. As I have self-published this book, I did not have access to an editor as many big publishing houses do, but I wanted to keep control over all rights and publishing channels which ruled this out. This means, you can still access the German version of this book at which would not have been possible with a publisher.

React allowed me to work on a number of very interesting projects over the last few years. Years in which I have learned an immense amount about Frontend and UI development. It has also allowed me to meet a number of great people which share the passion for React. I wanted to share these experiences and learning with the community which is why the German HTML version will be free and remain free for the years to come.

If you want to support my work, you can order a copy of this book on the regular channels or buy the e-book in Kindle, Apple Books or Google Play book format and read it on your favourite device. I also love hearing about new great projects with React in Berlin, so please get in touch if you have a project that might be of interest.

If you are curious, you can learn more about me and my work on By the way, this website has also been built using Gatsby (a tool I told you about in one of the chapters).

I look forward to hearing your feedback — be it positive or negative! You can reach me at @manuelbieh on Twitter.

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